Repetition, to repeat, already repeated. In Hollywood Cinema, the master of repetition, is Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino admits to repeating, stealing, paying homage to what already existed before him. Reservoir Dogs (1992) is City on Fire (1987), Kill Bill is Lady Snowblood (1973), Django Unchained (2012) is Skin Game (1971). Even the evil character played by Samuel L. Jackson in Django, is taken from Lars Von Trier Manderlay (2005).
In the Sidney Lumet film The Offence (1972), a detective kills a suspect, who have been accused of raping a young girl, Kenneth Baxter the child molester, notices while being interrogated that the detective has the same enjoyment (for young girls) as he does. Therefor in killing him, the detective is trying to destroy something within himself, the film message is basically that the detective and the child molester are the same person, although one acted on it, the other didn’t. Now fast forward to 2008, this motive is repeated, in Christopher Nolans Batman The Dark Knight, what the Joker is trying to make Batman realize is that they are the same (two side of the same coin).
In Skyfall (2012), James Bond is fighting a villain, Raoul Silva who was a former MI6 agent, the film has a very nice message, throughout history we thought we were fighting badguys, it turns out that we are the bad guys. What’s is the difference between Bond and Silva? Early in the film, Bond is shoot, all the fury of the main villain against MI6 and especially against M, is disavowed violence from James Bond himself.
Now can you guess who the villain might be in the new Star Trek Beyond (2016)?
If you didn’t guess it, it is a former Starfleet officer.