Monty Python: Comedy Of Stupidity

It is difficult to describe the comedy of the British group Monty Python since they don’t play one continues character, but change constantly, the structure of their films is created through multiple comic sketches, which form into a future length film. In their first feature, And Now for Something Completely Different (1971), taken from their TV series Flying Circus, with minimal changes.
We can see Monty Python ask in every scene, one question, the question of intelligence, the intelligence of the audience, the intelligence of the characters portrayed in the film, and the intelligence of makers themselves. At the beginning of the film And Now for Something Completely Different, there is a sketch about (how not to be seen), when a man invisible is asked to stand up, he does, he is then shot because he is now seen.
Then another man is asked the same question, although he remains invisible, he is also killed, the first one was stupid to stand up, the second one was stupid to choose a bad hiding place.
We can see that the Monty Python play constantly with the question of intelligence in order to make the audience relax, and be able to enjoy the stupidity. Case and point the sketch ”A man with a tape recorder up his nose”, which is a film about a man puts his finger up his nose, and music starts to play. A couple goes to a marriage counselor, the husband suspects the wife of cheating, then the marriage counselor and his wife start to make love in front of the husband, how stupid is the husband? A scientist is going on an expedition on Mount Kilimanjaro in order to find the last years expedition.

We could describe this comedy as a comedy of stupidity, a man goes into a laundry shop, thinks it is a bank and tries to rob it, which he does by getting some pants. Although they play various characters, in different situations, there is a common thread, between all the characters they play, that of an idiot and an ordinary man. There certainly never has an idiot portrayed better than a Monty Python film, take the example I have already mentioned, the scientist is a complete idiot, who sees two people when there is only one (he is supposed to be cross-eyed). We have to note that again comedy is on the side of the idiots not on the side of the ordinary, is there anybody more idiotic then King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)?
King Arthur who runs through the country, pretending to have a horse while banging to coconuts together, he is like Don Quixote with a minimal difference, King Arthur knows he has no horse. When he sees an old woman from behind, it turns to be a young man, a peasant, who is much more intelligent then King Arthur (almost every one in the film is more intelligent then King Arthur). This isn’t saying much, when a guard asks Arthur, where did he get the two coconuts, Arthur gives him some stupid answer.
There is the stupidity of the characters, but there is also the stupidity of the film itself, when the King Arthur and the knight of the round table, meet their ultimate enemy in the quest for the Holy Grail, it turns out to be a rabbit, a rabbit so deadly that they resort to using a hand grenade to kill it. Another element that contributes to the fact of stupidity in the films is the fact that all the characters are played by the same group of six men, even the woman, for the most part, are played by the Monty Python’s. Therefore all the more comic, since all of the sudden you can see the six men play all the characters at once, we laugh when they die in one character then appear as another in a later scene, they are everyone and no one.
The theme of stupidity continues in their nest film, Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979), where Brian an ordinary man lives at the same time as Jesus Christ, who becomes a prophet through by accident, people as idiotic as him start to follow him, asking him all sort of question. We can see a gradual process in the theme of stupidity, in the first film, we see the stupidity of the characters, in the second the stupidity of the film, in the third the stupidity of the people. That is like King Arthur they miss-perceive, while one or two people see Brian as an ordinary man, the masses see Brian as the savior. In their final film, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983), is supposed to reveal the meaning of life, but it is more like the Monty Python’s had something else in mind when making the film «It is a tale, Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.»